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Lumière du Jour

Lumière du Jour (Daylight) is an audiovisual production association based in the South of France. It accompanies documentary projects which approach the questions connected to the human being and to the society). 

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​Among the projets :

  • VITIS PROHIBITA. Resistant grapes coming out of the shadows.
    documentary by Stéphan Balay, 2019, 91 minutes, screenings in theaters, DVD and VOD.
    subtitles : English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian


  • HOANG SA VIETNAM : The Pain of Loss, The Knights of the Yellow Sands
    special edition DVD with two documentaries by André Menras (2010 and 2017).
    subtitles : English, Chinese, Czech.

    documentary by Stéphan Balay, 90 minutes, currently in production.

  • COMME DES FUNAMBULES (walking the tightrope)
    documentary by Alain Albaric and Stéphan Balay, 2016, 110 minutes, screening in theaters, DVD and VOD.
    subtitles : English

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